I just can't understand why they do it. We have all been subjected to these stupid advertisements for too long now. Before I criticize, let me say that I understand making a breakout automotive commercial is tough, and out of the hundreds of thousands that are created every year- only a handful of them are actually remembered fondly, or at all.

In this struggle to be heard, the execs are Ford decided to go old school and simply attack other makes in their campaign known as "The Switch"- where Ford expects you to listen to a couple idiots that supposedly traded in their Honda/Nissan and will never look back.

I will focus mainly on the Escape-Pilot ad- as that makes the least sense and raises my blood pressure the highest.


First of all- Shame on Ford for being so stupid to compare 2 completely different vehicles that are not even in the same class.

The Ford Escape is a 5 passenger Crossover that sells (MSRP) $22,610-28,610 .

The Honda Pilot is an 8 passenger Mid Size SUV that STARTS at $29,670k...

Clearly this is no apple to apple comparison since the Explorer is a more logical comparison-except Ford knows the Pilot crushes the Explorer in almost every way, so they took an easy route- assuming people are too stupid to know the difference.


Pilot's primarily come 4WD (you would be pretty silly to go FWD in an SUV-in New England for that matter) and the Escape only offers AWD on SE+ models.

OF COURSE a Ford Escape is going to get better gas mileage than a Pilot, it has 2 fewer cylinders-Turbocharged mind you- and even still its not like the 4WD Escape gets significantly more MPG than the Pilot that weighs almost half a ton more and offers a 3rd row and 5 star safety (vs Escapes 4 star) and even though the Pilot is about 1 ft longer and 6 inch wider than the Escape- it still has a tighter turning radius.

&if you are buying a car based solely on a Foot Activated Lift gate... then you are a bigger idiot than I could have possibly imagined.

It's just funny. Want to know who made a seriously great commercial recently that will sell the shit out of the product being advertised? "Grew up in the back seat" Subaru Forester and the commercial where the mother is saying how they bought a Forester when her daughter was born, watched her grow up in it, and then will hand it down to her. Actually, Subaru has been full of gems lately. That commercial made me FEEL things, a car commercial did that. You can tell how much thought was put into that commercial... then you see the fucking Ford Switch commercial and some idiot talking about EcoBoost like its a Nos button and it makes you just shake your head.

Stop attacking Honda, Ford. &while you are at it, tell Lincoln they look silly trying to trash Lexus.